David McCormack

David McCormack
Artist & WebMaster

Born in London, England in 1962
I spent many of my childhood days drawing almost anything with just pencil and paper
My work in adult life took me to the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall
where I was inspired by the spectacular coastal scenes and colourful fishing harbours
Wanting to capture these experiences, I attempted painting them in watercolours
Working for many years in watercolours and also gouache, since
I now consider myself a mainly self taught,artist
I have become sensitive to light and colour
I am an 'artist' because I have sold my artwork
original work and reproduction prints, to people I don't know
I have no art related qualifications
Now semi retired, I consider myself full time/self employed
putting all my efforts into art/painting (May 2016)

I like to paint seascapes, Cornish ones are favourite
Floral scenes, particularly bluebell and poppy
Abstract scenes from the imagination and wet on wet random effects
I paint in watercolour, gouache, mixed media, watercolour pen and pencil
I enjoy what I create, at a nice easy pace, and sell at excellent value
I particularly examine every painting, print and mount (if used), for reselling

My mentors are Stephen Bradbury and Bob Devereux

I have been married for 35 years and have two daughters, aged 33 and 30

I currently live in Wolverhampton

David McCormack
Artist & WebMaster

all work in progress is shown on my Facebook page


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